St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Early Years!

We have a foundation email. Why not send us a picture!  

Looking forward to viewing your pictures 

Thank you to everyone who has been sending pictures and work in. 

We have loved seeing what you have been up to! 

Look whos been busy!

Great reading Eliza!

Great maths Hanna!

Well done Fillip! 

Super work Aadam! 

Useful Links:

Don't forget to wash your hands!

Click here to watch the hand washing song


Easter Keywords

Watch The Easter Story below:


Week 5 Keywords

F1 Phonics!

Can you find and draw objects that begin with, m, a, s, d, t, i?

Phonics- Roll and colour  

Phonics - Roll the sound

F2 Phonics!

This weeks new sounds are ou and oy

Click on the links below to watch Gerold the giraffe teach the new sounds. Please watch these videos with an adult. 

Can you find these sounds around your house?


Easter Fun!!

Can you count the teachers?

Can you go on an easter egg hunt around your house/garden?

Print out the eggs below and get an adult to hide them around the house or garden.

How many eggs can you find? 

Can you put the eggs in the correct order?

Happy egg hunting!

Can you go on a rainbow scavenger hunt?

Email your findings! 

Enter text...


A new song to learn: Spring chicken

Craft Activities

Can you make a palm leaf?

Can you make a chick?

Download and print it off


Listen to the Easter Story

New story coming soon- I wonder what it could be?

Hickory Dickory Dock 

Listen to Superhero Hotel

I wonder what superhero you would be?

The story of Superworm. Click below to watch and listen.


Coming soon: Rhyme challenge

A nursery rhyme to learn: 'There's a worm at the bottom of the garden'.

Join in with 5 little speckled frogs

Other activities to try at home!

Keeping Active!

Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks Workout