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  • Through our Science curriculum at St. Anne’s School, we want all children to be aware of and have a good understanding of the world around them and the importance of Science and its uses in their everyday lives. We aim to nurture the naturally enquiring minds and curiosity that children have and foster their scientific potential. 


  • The Science curriculum will ensure that lessons in each year group will deliver the key knowledge, concepts and skills, whilst enabling children to become enquiry based learners. Pupils will be encouraged to use scientific thinking and vocabulary to make predictions and explain what is taking place and then analyse their results to gain an understanding of the scientific processes that occur all around them. In all these lessons, as in other subjects, working independently, creatively and as a team will be important as they are a necessity for any scientist of the present or future. 


  • Ultimately, we intend that the skills, knowledge and scientific thinking that they learn through our Science curriculum will help our children to develop healthy habits, a love and awe of the natural world that God created and a sense of appreciation of the gifts that the Earth provides. This will help them to be considerate consumers and guardians who respect and look after the planet, for themselves and the next generation.