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Year 3


Welcome to our Year 3 curriculum page.  Please click on the link below to read our latest termly parents letter and scroll down to see what your child will be learning this term and throughout the year.


Spring Term 2020 Parents letter

In Year 3 we want our children to be safe, happy, excited and challenged to be the best they can be. Our learning environment is shaped by an understanding of what children can achieve and by delivering teaching and learning opportunities that meet individual needs. We want to give the children the best days of their lives.


In our curriculum we teach to develop skills, knowledge, concepts, attitudes and creativity.  We want the children to become critical learners and thinkers who are shaped to become lifelong learners. The topics shows how we enable pupils to demonstrate progression of skills built on from previous years, as well as allowing the opportunity to teach and learn new subject knowledge.


Stone Age 

This topic will dive straight into the prehistoric world and the children will learn about when the different ages were and what it was like to live during them. The main focus in this topic is history but geographical knowledge of settlements will also be explored. We aim to teach other skills during this topic through art cave paintings and paper Mache axes, music, literacy and science. 

As part of this topic we immerse the children into the lives of the Stone Age by visiting the Ryedale Folk museum in York. This gives our children an  experience of stone age life and broadens their knowledge of the country they live in.


Ancient Egyptians

In this topic the children get to investigate who the Ancient Egyptians were, how they lived and how they created so many of the great inventions we have today. This topic aims to teach history and geography skills as well as art and DT. The children will be immersed into the Egyptian life and lifestyles by visiting Bolton Museum where they see the process of mummification and feel and touch the artefacts.  Children will locate Egypt on a map and find out facts about the river Nile using their ICT skills.



This topic is great to do in the summer as some children will be getting ready for the summer holidays. This is a great opportunity to find out the history of holidays within the UK, and locate them on the map. As well as discussing holidays, children will have a holiday experience with their class as we will be visiting Morecambe, a great holiday destination in the past and now. This is allowing the children to have cultural capital which will broaden their knowledge and experiences of things they might not be able to experience in everyday life. A great opportunity to link with literacy and writing postcards.


Olympics (Japan)

This topic was chosen because of the great interest in the Olympics Games by the children. We will particularly focus on the country Japan and the Japanese culture and then immerse ourselves in this through tasting Japanese food, making flags, writing poetry and even taking part in sporting events in school. Great geographical knowledge will be explored as we will teach location, place knowledge, weather and climate skills and investigate historical Olympic events. 

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Year 3 Spring Term

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