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Year 4


Welcome to our Year 4 curriculum page.  Please click on the link below to read our latest termly parents letter and scroll down to see what your child will be learning this term and throughout the year.


Spring Term 2020 Parents letter


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In Class 4 we want our children to be safe, happy, excited and challenged to be the best they can be. Our learning environment is shaped by an understanding of what children can achieve and by delivering teaching and learning opportunities that meet individual needs. 


In Class 4 this term our themes are Vikings, Digestive System, Water Cycle and Settlements.


Our curriculum and teaching develops skills, knowledge, concepts, attitudes and creativity. In Class 4 the way we organise the curriculum topics shows how we enable pupils to demonstrate progression of skills built on from previous years, as well as allowing the opportunity to teach and learn new subject knowledge.


The Vikings is taught in Class 4 as it follows on from the History taught in previous years and has close links to Yorkshire due to the settlement of the Vikings. As part of this topic we immerse the children into the lives of the Vikings by visiting York and tracing their footsteps. This gives our children first hand experiences and broadens their knowledge of the county they live in. We link this to Geography by looking at early settlers and what is a settlement and what is important to survive in a settlement. 

Later on in the Spring Term we look at South America as a contrasting location to the UK focusing on Yorkshire and we compare how people live in their environment and how we live. It is necessary to recognise that there is life beyond our town. 


The Digestive System and The Water Cycle are areas of the Science curriculum. These are studied as they form part of the National Curriculum and allow for progression from KS1 and Year 3. These topics allow for investigation, questioning and fuels healthy curiosity in the children about themselves and the world around them. We do lots of hands on practical, fun experiments including recreating the digestive system. All allow the children to develop their speaking and listening as well as learn new vocabulary. 


Alongside all of the above this term we also teach Music, PE, PSCHE, Art and DT. Here you will see us plan, design and evaluate a sewing project linked to our school book The Red Prince, create pastel pictures, paintings of  Water Lilies inspired by Claude Monet, learn team games through multiskills plus many more learning opportunities. 

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