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Year 6


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Spring Term 2020 Parents letter

Year 6 Yearly Overview

World War One and Two

This topic has come from the interest of the Children in the Take One Picture of ‘Tommy’, a picture of a soldier in a field of Poppies. As part of this topic, we learn about the experiences of a soldier during the First World War and research trench life and the horrific conditions in which the soldiers served and lived. We learn about why the War broke out and discuss which reason is the most important reason and why and discuss whether war could have been prevented. We also look at the geographical locations of the War, focussing on the Western Front., which aids the children in their knowledge of the European countries. 


In terms of World War Two, again we look at the countries which were involved in the war, but this time, we focus more on the effect of War on the people left behind, with a particular focus on the experiences of evacuees and the notion of rationing. As part of this, we provide the children with the experience of visiting Eden Camp, where they can get a sense of what happened in the was, as well as providing them with a hands on experience of what happened during the Blitz.


A Walk in Paris.

This topic is very much based around our Year 6 trip to Paris. The trip to Paris is a fantastic opportunity for the children to experience the sights, smells, sounds and culture of a major world capital as well as allowing them to grow in their own confidence and providing a lifetime of memories. The trip also has links to our previous topic of War as the children will be visiting Vimy Ridge, a Canadian National Memorial based in the final resting places of thousands of soldiers. This experience will allow the children to experience the cramped conditions of the trenches and the unexpectedly close proximity of the opposing sides trenches. 


Within the classroom, we focus very much on the geography of Paris as well as locating historical monuments and landmarks on a map. We also look at the route we will be taking on our trip and ask the children to create their own maps of this. We will compare the city of Paris to two to other major world cities in order to give the children a broader knowledge of differing world cities in terms of its human geography. Once we have returned from Paris, we will be looking at how the French Revolution started and the impact it had upon the country. 

Year 6 Spring Term

Our Year 6 Spring Term

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