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Early Years!

We have a foundation email. Why not send us a picture!  

Looking forward to viewing your pictures. 

Thank you to everyone who has been sending pictures and work in. 

We have loved seeing what you have been up to! 

Hey everyone!  This term the theme is 'Animals around the world'. Keep looking on the website to see new activities! 

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F1 Phonics!

F2 Phonics!

New comic: Can you read the comic? 

Join in with our phonic sounds!

Practise your tricky words! Can you write them?


Maths Challenge!

Can you match the number to the monkey?

Can you draw your favourite part of the story and write a sentence?

Can you complete the challanges? Click on download!

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Join in with the action song- If your happy and you know it!

Sing along with one of our favourite songs- The little green frog

Craft Activities

Can you make a farm animal?


F2 story is - Rumble in the Jungle

F1 story time is - Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle song with Makaton actions

A squash and a Squeeze

Why we can't hug

Minibeast stories

 The very busy spider.mp4Download
 The very quiet cricket.mp4Download
 The very ugly bug.mp4Download
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Under the sea stories

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Rhyme challenge: Week 5- Run, run, run to the library

Week 4 - Criss cross apple sauce

Rhyme challenge: Week 3 - 5 cheeky monkeys 

Rhyme challenge: Week 2 Sally go round the sun

 Rhyme challenge: Week 1 Hattimatim Tim 

Here is the beehive

                                           Bible Stories


See below activities that have been on the website