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Welcome to St Anne's Catholic Primary School          ensure your 'Keep Kids Safe' mobile is switched on for updates            School starts at 8.50am every day please arrive on time and ready to learn          We break up at the end of the day on Friday 21st October and return on Tuesday 1st November please join us in celebration of Mass for All Saints' Day at 9.30 on the first day back

This week our statement of belief is

"I understand that rights match responsibility"

- We want St Anne's children to grow into responsible citizens who understand justice and fair play

We are also concentrating on showing the virtue of helpfulness: being of service to others.

Please ensure all children arrive at school promptly and ready to learn at 8.50am every day.

If you have any questions about school please email me at; [email protected]

Please complete our online parents' survey during October and November:

Sam J Poulton Headteacher

 Last updated: 19th October 2016, 10.20 hrs

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Our Full OFSTED Report can viewed here. 

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