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School Council

Here are the members of St Anne's School Council 2020 - 21

The School Council are currently working on an explanation as to what their vision is and what their roles are. Watch this space!

Our role is so important here at St Anne's, we need to set the best example of behaviour for the rest of the school. At the start of the year, we read and signed a School Council contract. Click here to read our contract.

What have the School Council been up to this half term?

Before each meeting they have an 'agenda'. Click on the links below for more details.

The first task for the School Council in September was to review the school rules. Following this meeting, the Y6 councilors then met and discussed the changes with Mr Booth. On Thursday 26th November, the new school rules will be introduced by the Y6 councilors, during a whole school worship. Once they have been introduced, we will post them on here.

On Thursday 19th November, one of the Y6 school councilors and his friend, decided to do something about the litter problem outside - see below. 

He brought the litter problem to the School Council meeting and we discussed what could be done. All members are working on litter posters to put up around school. On Monday 23rd November, the two Y6 school councilors met with Mr Head and discussed the litter problem. At breaktime and lunchtime, they worked together with other Y6 children to start clearing litter and leaves from the school grounds (see photos below). What fantastic role models they are.

If you have an idea or an issue which you would like to highlight, please speak to your class School Council members and ask them to write it in their book to bring to the next School Council meeting.