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St Anne's Admissions Policy

In St Anne’s it is our mission to transmit values for living which are rooted in the teaching of Christ and in the faith and traditions of His Church and to foster the growth and development of each individual within the loving and supportive atmosphere of a gospel centred community.

The governing body has responsibility for admissions to St. Anne’s and intends to admit 30 pupils to Reception in the school year which begins in September 2018.

Please follow the link below to view the Admissions Policy for St Anne's Catholic Primary School:

St Anne's Admissions Policy 2018/19

Please ensure that you have completed a Supplementary Form if you are applying for a place at St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy:


St Anne's Supplementary Admissions Form


Please follow the links below to view further information for allocations into primary school for September 2018

 Scheduled timetable for allocations into primary school for September 2018

 Applying to Primary School-September 2018 Booklet

 Guide for Parents about Primary School 2018

 Questions and answers regarding applying for primary school in 2018


 St Anne's Admissions Policy - Previous Intakes & In Year Admissions

St Anne's Admissions Policy 2017/18

St Anne's Admissions Policy 2016/17

St Anne's Admissions Policy 2015/16

 St Anne's Admissions Policy 2014/15

St Anne's Admissions Policy 2013/14

St Anne's Admissions Policy 2012/13



St Anne's follow's the criteria listed in it's Admissions Policy for allocation of places following applications. Unsuccessful applicants will be given reasons related to the over-subscription criteria listed above and advised of their right of appeal to an independent appeal panel.

Please follow the link below to see the Admission Appeals Timetable:



Previous Year Appeals Timetables:







Waiting Lists

As well as their right of appeal, unsuccessful applicants can apply to be placed on a waiting list. This waiting list will follow the order of the oversubscription criteria set out above. Names are normally taken off the list after six months.

Please complete the following documents If you would like to register and join our waiting list:

Registration Form - In Year Transfer Admissions

St Anne's Supplementary Admissions Form

Bradford Council In Year Transfer Guidance.pdf