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St Anne's Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary Academy

Welcome to our Year 2 curriculum page.  


"With Christ in Our Hearts We Live Life To The Full"



In Class 2 we aim to give our children access to a varied, engaging and creative curriculum which will fuel their curiosity and enthusiasm, build resilience and expand their knowledge and understanding. We want the children to be inspired to become independent and co-operative learners with skills that they can continue to develop in the future.  We will give the children a broad range of learning opportunities and challenges, to encourage them to have a positive attitude towards their learning and each other, to enjoy school and to want to become the best that they can be and reach their potential. 

In Class 2 during the Autumn term our Topic is Exploring Our Wonderful World.  A perfect title to start our first topic, of our first term together in school. In this topic we will explore the seven continents, the seven oceans and the famous explorers who helped to discover them. Art provides the opportunity for pupils to create their own images of the world whilst developing their skills using a variety of media and DT provides the opportunity to design and make their own boats. Through science we will explore materials and their uses. The lessons include practical, fun investigations which give the children the chance to develop their scientific questioning, skills and vocabulary. Throughout the term we also teach Music and PE creating cross curricular links wherever possible. We also send home Knowledge Organisers to give families the opportunities to discuss key vocabulary and facts linked to the topics being taught in school. 

The curriculum in Year 2 not only introduces new learning opportunities for the children but also builds on the knowledge, skills and attitudes taught in previous years. We want the children to grow in confidence both academically and socially throughout the year.

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