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St Anne's Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary Academy

Welcome to our Year 4 curriculum page.  


"With Christ in Our Hearts We Live Life To The Full"

In Class 4 we desire for our children to be safe and happy, as well as being excited and challenged by their learning. We provide an environment where each child can strive to be the best they can be.

In Class 4 the way we organise the curriculum topics shows how we enable pupils to demonstrate progression of skills built on from previous years, as well as allowing the opportunity to teach and learn new subject knowledge.

The topics that will be taught this year in Class 4 show a full coverage of the National Curriculum as well as providing learning opportunities that will capture the creativity and imagination of our children. It is through these topics we endeavour to learn, laugh and love. 

During the Autumn term our Topic is Carpe Diem (’Seize the day’) a phrase used by a Roman poet to express the idea that life should be enjoyed! A very fitting phrase to start our first topic, of our first term in school. In this topic we will explore the roman invasion and roman life. Children will have the opportunity to experience life as a roman soldier on our school trip to the Roman Dewa Experience in Chester. DT provides the opportunity to create our own roman shields and aqueducts and in Art we will design our very own mosaics. Through science we will explore sound; How is sound made and how do we hear? Along with our Electricity topic, just in time for Diwalli!

We continue this theme into the Spring term with Caio! Giving the children the opportunity to further explore the country of Italy. During this topic the children will learn about aspects of physical geography including; layers of the earth, climate zones, rivers and mountains. They will have the opportunity through DT to create their very own landmark and make their own pizzas! Through science they will explore the digestive system, finding out what happens to those delicious pizzas once they have been devoured! The children will take part in lots of hands-on practical, fun experiments, allowing the children to develop their speaking and listening as well as learn new vocabulary. 

The Summer term What a Wonderful World will complete our year together by exploring our local and wider environment. We will investigate the process of the water cycle and delve into the history of our local river and town. Art provides the opportunity to use Watercolours to recreate Waterlillies by Monet and sketching will enable us to capture the history of our very own town. DT offers the opportunity to care for our immediate environment, planning and planting to protect habitats. Completing the year with our class residential, thus giving us the opportunity to further explore our wider environment.These topics allow the children not only to ask questions about their local environment but fuels healthy curiosity in the children about themselves and the world around them. 

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