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St Anne's Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary Academy

Welcome to our Year 1 curriculum page.  


"With Christ in Our Hearts We Live Life To The Full"



The six topics chosen in Year 1 are: All About Me, including doctors and nurses and the history of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Local area, local historical buildings, history of transport, Seasides and Africa. 

These topics have been chosen because they link very well with current climates. We will be discussing Black Lives Matter, our NHS, and knowing the history and geography of the area around us but also travelling around the locality to create an interest in the country they live in. 

In autumn, we will be looking at our bodies and how we can keep them healthy, within this we will be looking at the historical people Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We will be comparing them and thinking about what a hard, but amazing job they did. We will be learning about our local area. This will allow children to compare and contrast the geographical features of what they have learned with another region in the United Kingdom (London). Children will be learning how to navigate simple bird’s eye maps around school, allowing them to become familiar with vocabulary that is used in geography. Our topic will be closely linked to our literacy which is based on Paddington Bear taking us around London. 

In spring, we will be exploring and learning about the seeds and plants in the United Kingdom. We will be learning about seed dispersal, and what seeds need to grow and the parts of plants. We will also be learning about and identifying common plants in the United Kingdom. We will also be learning about the history of transport including a visit to see and experience old transport.  

In the summer term, we will be looking at the seaside and the difference between the human and physical environments. We will be learning about the beach and the sea and our local seaside. We will be enhancing our learning with a trip to the seaside. We will use our map skills from autumn to find a treat at the beach. We will also be researching Africa, comparing the climates of the two countries and looking at the difference between animals. 

Over the year we will have a through the window topic. This will involve us learning about the seasons of the year. We will also be keeping a weather diary and over time photos of the length of day. 


Year 1  Curriculum Map


Our Year 1 

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